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I am a foreign student applying for a visa: How can I apply for an entry visa and permit of stay for study reasons?
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Non-EU students residing abroad who wish to enrol in study courses, must obtain, from the Italian Consulate in their country of origin, an entry visa for study purposes/enrollment at a University (type D: “national”), that will be issued after completing the required pre-enrolment procedures.

To obtain a visa, students must prove that they meet the requirements set every year by the ministerial circular on the admission of foreign candidates (please visit:

This is to say:

  1. Adequate financial means of subsistence for the intended period of stay;
  2. Availability of the financial means for repatriation. This requirement can also be fulfilled by showing a valid return ticket;
  3. A suitable accommodation in Italy;
  4. Adequate health insurance coverage for medical care and hospitalization. Students must prove possession of the aforementioned insurance coverage when applying for a permit of stay.

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