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I am a foreign student applying for a visa: How can I apply for a renewal of my residence permit for study reasons?
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Students, after enroling in a university course, must apply, at least 60 days before its expiration date, the pertinent Questore (Chief of the police) of the Provincia (province) in which they are staying, for the renewal of their permit of stay for the entire year. When renewing the permit, foreign students who have entered Italy with a Visa type “D” national for STUDY purposes (University enrolment) must prove that they have:

  1. The same sufficient financial means for their entrance in Italy;
  2. Their certificate of enrolment at the University; it must be shown that the student has successfully passed a minimum of one examination when applying for the first renewal and two for the following years, except when there are causes of force-majeure
  3. The candidate meets all the other conditions set for the issuance of a permit of stay.
The permit of stay cannot be renewed for more than three years after the standard duration of the study course.

For more information about the procedure:

  • to check the current state of the application at the Police Office;
  • for general information about the procedures and location of the authorized Post Offices, Municipalities and Support Services; to check on the current state of the application (by logging into a protected page with the username and password that are printed on the receipt);
  • The 803 160 free hotline support, to learn about the location of the authorized post offices.

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