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I am a foreign student: I would like information on enrolment in a two-year Master’s Degree Program
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o enrol in a two-year Master’s Degree course, candidates must obtain recognition of their foreign academic degrees. The procedure does not make the foreign qualification an Italian one, but can ensure admission to Second-cycle University study courses following proper evaluation by the Degree Board of Professors of the Degree Course for which the candidate is applying.

The comparability of the qualification will be certified provided that the foreign title has all of the following elements:

  1. It is an official title, First and Second Cycle of the foreign reference system respectively, issued by an official institution within the foreign system;
  2. It is a title granting, in the foreign reference system, entry in equivalent courses within the Second or Third Cycle;
  3. It is a title possessing both the objective and curricular elements of the correspondent Italian entry title (such as its academic nature or research elements).
These requirements are mandatory for all students with a foreign academic title, independently from their nationality and both for titles issued within and without the European Union (EU). Students will have to obtain the authorization by the pertinent Degree Board of Professors.

The outcome on the evaluation of the foreign title by the Board of Professors of the Degree course can admit candidates to the two-year Master’s Degree courses, on the condition that the candidate meets the curricular requirements and individual preparation required to access the course. The outcome of the evaluation can also entail a potential abbreviation of the student’s academic career thanks to the partial recognition of the foreign studies, or the admission, with a reduction of the academic program, to a First-Level Degree course.

Non-Single Cycle Master’s Degrees can be either with reserved and limited positions (either on a local or national basis) or open access.

To gain admission, following verification of the suitability of the academic title and issuance of the authorization, students will have to sit for:

  1. If Non-EU students residing abroad, the test aimed at verifying the student’s knowledge of the Italian language (mandatory except in case of exemption);
  2. If the course has reserved and limited positions, the admission test test

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